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Beauty lies in the Cactus; Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj

Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj Garden Story

Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj Garden Story

Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj Garden Story: Never doubt yourself that how much valuable and powerful you are. Indeed! Women deserve every chance and opportunity in this world to pursue and achieve their dreams. Women can do anything that men can do but in a better and systematic way. In today’s era, women are not less than men. They are not just into taking care of home and their families. Actually, they are capable to build such a big empire.

Now, I am going to talk about the courageous lady Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj who set an example for all trailblazing women. She proved that woman has the power to do anything which seems to be impossible. She did her PhD from Forest Research Institute of Dehradun. After that she got opportunity to join as a Manager in cactus garden of Panchkula. It is one of the Asia’s biggest cactus garden which has spread over an area of 8 acres in Panchkula. It is developed and maintained by Haryana Urban Development Community under Haryana state govt. Now, she is in charge of the Cactus garden.

Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj Garden
She said, “I devoted myself in big projects on cacti and succulent plants.”

She maintains many rare and endangered species of cacti and succulents which includes:







Aloe Speciosa

Aloe Ferox

Isn’t it amazing that she is handling around 3000 species of cactus and succulent plants? She inspects all the species of cacti plants on daily basis. She watches all the working of staff members such as Mali, head Mali, Ticket in charge, supervisor and many more members. But she takes initiative for the promotion of sales section. So she is working on different styles of bonsai of succulent and non-succulent plants. She gets recognition in the work of cacti and succulent plants. I will say that the boss lady word is made for her.

In garden she has exotic species of succulents and cacti which are unique in nature. Most of the cacti and succulents have medicinal values. She organizes cactus show every year in the month of march. Cactus show is one of the attractive places for the visitors to come and explore. In this show thousands of people are visited to see exotic species of cacti and succulent plants. 

She said, “It has largest collection of Indian and exotic cacti and succulent plants.”

It is developed behind the master mind of Dr.  JS Sarkaria. He collected huge collection of such plants which gives a particular recognition to the Panchkula.


Wow! She is so passionate for gardening and establishment of new categories of cacti plants. So she has denoted some stock of garden to HSVP for the development of another cactus garden.

She said, some people love roses, some love to tulips but she loves to cacti plants.

Although the soil of Panchkula is suitable for growing cactus and succulent plants but she is doing research work on soil to increase its nutritional value. Currently, she is working on 22 mounds in which special soil mixture is prepared. So that succulents flourish very well over these mounds. In other words she devotes her time to do day to day responsibilities of the garden. For multiplication of exotic species, she does the grafting of the plant. Now the garden has become the home for exotic species of desert plants from all over the world. She has trained her staff very well from the first day. She has given proper training to them for when and how to water the succulents and cacti and Also, how to maintain them. At present trained staff is working on plants in a well-mannered way.

She said, “By showcasing my skills in the garden or the reason behind to make it so perfect is, I want people to adopt the cacti gardening as their Hobby, so that cacti could get the real value what they deserve to get”.

She is dealing with public as well for the promotion of Sales section. So she gives training to people, like, how to maintain their plants to get rid of any fungal attack. She gives idea to people that how they can protect their plants from dying.

She said, “My aim is not to get revenue. I just want to spread my knowledge and love of the cacti plants around the world.”


Her purpose is not to sell the plants. She is just maintaining the stock of cacti and succulent plants. So that more and more people will come to see the incredible beauty of nature.

She collected some category of cacti and succulents’ plants from general nurseries and some exotic species from America and all over the world. Also, she buys some varieties of plants online.

Dr. Nidhi

Dr. Nidhi Bhardwaj Garden Story

She said, “People should grow more and more plants specially cacti and succulent plants. Because they need minimum amount of water. As you know, day by day the water levels are decreasing and the government is also implementing the policies to conserve the water. So, people must grow cacti which needs minimal maintenance as well as expenditure per plant is very less.


She wants to introduce more species of cacti and succulent plants. Her future plan is to better maintenance of cactus garden by proper take care of plants and by applying sustainable and innovative methods of gardening.