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Decorating your Verandas and Porches with Plants

Decorating Verandas and Porches

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Decorating Verandas and Porches : Veranda is the centre of attraction of a home and so are the porches. We try to make them the best version of both. So, that it should look good and impressive too. People generally ask me the question for the decoration of the decorating verandas and porches. I always recommend them to make the area green.

Today in this blog I will tell few of my experiences for the decoration of your  verandas and porches.

Here are few options of decorating verandas and porches.

himenes have tubular flowers in pinks, mauve, blue and white, and flowers for long periods in spring and summer. There are many named varieties of these tuberous-rooted South America tropical plants. Foliage dies down after flowering, but with warmth, light, ample moisture and protection, Achimenes gives a fine display.

Use the hanging baskets in the veranda. Where you can plant the string of pearls or donkey’s tail plant or any other seasonal flower accordingly. Decorate the corner with a large planter in which you can place the juniper plants. Don’t forget to add some lights to that area.

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If veranda is small, then you can place the plants at both sides of the doors with some unique and antique items such as sculpture.

Gardenia ‘Radicans’, a prostrate gardenia, could grow in a warm sunny spot in a low terracotta bowl, along with flat bowls of Sedum spathulifolium ‘Cappa Blanca’, whose little silver rosettes are 5 cm high. This is also beautiful little rockery or wall plants, including the crassulas , epiphyllums, with flattened stems and enormous flowers, and portulacaria afra which can be trained and pruned to a sculptural pendant look if grown in a tall pot. The donkey tail Sedum, Sedum morganianum, will hang from a basket.

Make a small portion of the succulent garden in the same. They add the different look to the porches and verandas. Place the succulent where atleast 2 hours of direct sun reflects.

Seasonal flowers is the another option for the same. If you are placing the trees like traveller’s palm, juniper, china palm, boxwood in the large planters do plant some seasonal flowers along. As it will add the beauty and colours to your porch.


Porches and verandahs are really extensions of house, so plan their container gardens in the colours in which adjoining rooms are decorated: say yellow, pale blue and white flowers for a soft restful scheme, or white and pink flowers with touches of scarlet for a more lively one.

You could have a predominantly green and variegated green grouping, with variegater silver and green Nepeta, ferns such as Pellaea rotundifolia and Boston fern, Nephrolepis, palms, needle – leafed ivies, variegated Euonymus, golden bamboo and Monstera.


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Vines are the another options. If you want to cover the walls of the area you can plant the vine plants such as curtain creeper, chipkali bail and many more such plants. You can also use some flowering vines.

At last, along with all the plants do add some siting arrangement in the area. As my personal experience says that siting in the green area rejuvenates you and is a better healer.

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Note: – Do not add water to the plants daily. Add only when you feel the plants need the water or the soil dries. Add water daily in the morning. Neither in the afternoon nor in the evening time. If you are using the seasonal flowers do not forget to do the dead heading of the plant. Place the larger plants in the area where there is more sunlight. Add some fertiliser such as vermicompost, cocopeat, perlite or some other compost at the time of plantation of the plants.