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Citrus family

Are you peeking for a more satisfactory way to begin the day? Forget the day-to-day vitamin and enjoy fresh citrus instead. Indeed! Citrus is a pack of Vitamins C and Vitamin A, which can help in boosting your immune system. Moreover, this category of fruits fits in the pocket of every class of families.

Counting citrus fruits to your edibles detoxify and cleanse the body system from poisonous chemicals we’re exposed. Over and above, these fruits are a sound source of limonoids, which assists in detoxifying the liver.

These are also known for weight reduction, as it has abundant fibre and very less quantity of calories. Not only this, it could maintain bone health and help in regulating the proper blood pressure. These fruits also maintain the blood sugar level of the body. All in all, I would say that It is an elixir that is a cure to most of the problems that people are facing in their day to day life.

Today people are facing hypertension due to their work routines, in that case citrus is the best fruit to eat as it is one of the best anti-depressants and enhances the mood. It has minerals like phosphorous, potassium and magnesium, these minerals are well known to reduce hypertension.

 Today in this blog, I will discuss some 10 categories of citrus fruits which you should include in your daily life.

Mandarin:  It is one of the true varieties of the citrus and known to be native of China. Due to its medicinal properties, the dried peels are used in the various medicines to treat the health issues. People believe that mandarin represents good fortune and hope so they gift this fruit on the different occasions. It is sweet with little hint of sourness.


Pomelo: Another name of pomelo fruit is shaddock or sometimes it is also named as jabong. It is the largest fruit in the citrus family. Its flesh is whitish-pink in nature. It has mixed taste. It could be sweet in nature or it could be sour. Sometimes it comes with the combination of both the taste.


Orange: It is a hybrid variety. It is made by mixing Mandarin and Pomelo. It can be identified by its sweet taste and strong citrusy smell. These are eaten fresh and could also be processed for various items. This is also used in the perfumery industry for making fragrances.


Tangerine: It is another hybrid variety. It is made by cross between the mandarin oranges. It has been named after the place of its origin Tangier, Morocco. If we compare tangerine with oranges, these are smaller in size and sweeter than oranges.

Lemons: It is one of the best citrus known for its medicinal value. It can help in digestion and could also prevent the nausea. It is used in the various food industries for preparing the juice and desserts. It is also used in the cosmetic industries for making the essential oils. It tastes extremely sour, that one could one eat it directly.

Key Lime: Another name of key lime is west Indian lime, Mexican lime or bartender’s lime. It is also a hybrid variety. It has strong acidic taste and smell. It is small in size and likewise lemon, it is also used in various flavoring industries.

Golden Orange: It is also known as Kumquat. It is the smallest citrus fruit. It is of size of an olive. It can either be round or oval.

Clementine: It is another hybrid citrus fruit. It has been made by crossing sweet orange and mandarin. The only difference between oranges and clementine is these are sweeter than them. These are easy to peel and highly juicy in nature.

Grapefruit: The grapefruit was initially known as forbidden fruit because it was accidental cross between pomelo and sweet orange. These are giant in nature and grows in bunches just like grapes. Its pulp could be white, pink or sometimes red. It is semi-sweet or sometimes it could be bitter.

Persian Lime: It is a hybrid variety. It has been made by making cross between lemon and key lime. This is seedless variety and fits in the commercial purpose. These are less acidic in nature.