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Care or Maintenance of Succulents

Take Care of Succulents

Take Care of Succulents

Take care of succulents:

  • Sunlight- Succulents love to sun. Try to keep them in a sunny spot that get at least 4 hours of sun. If you keeping them indoors you can shift them near the window. Do not keep them on a south-facing window. Because then you might kill by burning it. If you happen to be staying in a place where you do not get sun for the major part of the year then you can invest in growing lights. If you are staying in a country like India where you do not get a lot of sun in winters or during the monsoons. Then you can ship them in a warmer part of your house.
  • Generally, the kitchen is the warmest part of the house. So, you can ship them to the window of your kitchen.

Some other points for take care of Succulents


Over watering is the number one reason for killing succulents. Don’t mistake me they do like water but they do not require a lot of water. You can water them probably once a week. Also, do not practice spraying of water on succulents. It does not do them any good might just harm them by inviting fungus on the leaves. While watering water it thoroughly until you see the water coming out from the base of the pot.


It should be such that the water is drained out immediately. The roots of succulents look like water but they do not like growing in soil that retains water for a very long time. So, avoid using clay-based soil. 



  • Pot- Succulents give you the freedom of using any kind of a pot. In no drainage pots, you can put some pebbles at the base this will help to store the extra water and your roots would not rot a lot.


Take Care of Your Succulents

Why Succulents die?

People complain that their plant is dying. Because the leaves are wilting. If you see some leaves at the base drying out or wilting, you can just remove them. If you see the top leaves building only, then you can say there is something wrong with your plant. My number one guess in that case would be over watering. If that is not that would be over watering if that is not the case then probably less of Sun. If you giving them enough of Sun then check for bugs. Suck length in very rare condition get a bug problem, if that is the case you can use 10 ml of neem oil with a liter of water and spray them over the leaves.

Watering of succulents


I like to water my succulents every once a week. So today I thought while I water them. I will also share some tips and tricks on how to go about it. Four most important thing to know about succulents is that they are desert plant, which essentially means that they are used to growing in an environment where there is less water. If upper part of the soil is dry but lower part of the soil is still wet. Now in this case I should not be watering this plant. So, this one has been about one week since I last watered it. But still the lowermost roots are mist. When you touch the upper layer of the soil, you feel that its dry and you think that you should add more water. You should not because it’s a desert plant they would do better with less water even if you forget to water for two weeks nothing would happen but if you will water when the waters not required then they will definitely die.

Watering of succulents

Things to keep in mind for Taking Care of Succulents

Succulents are probably an easiest plant to grow but we tend to care too much for them. Generally, the plants which are in bigger pots, soil tends to hold moisture for longer time but if much smaller in size then they would lose moisture more quickly. So, what I do is I use a drainage disc or you could also use the bigger ones. The sun should be falling on the plants. So, you must ensure that you have kept all of them whatever kinds of succulents, how wealthy are. Firstly, these petals will open up completely and then what you will see is that the leaves will start wilting. So, another thing is you should water the soil and don’t pour water on the leaves. Because pouring water on the leaves will support fungus or decay and keep starting water unless you start seeing water at the bottom or see the water has started coming out.

Fill some water in the plate here and by capillary action these plants are going to pic more water so the base roots will get a good soak of water. So all succulents have very tiny roots and if you keep them stagnated with water they will die and these small roots are important for succulents to establish the results so even if you forget to water your succulent for a long time like over 14 days its okay just don’t water them too much I know I keep saying this all the time but guys even for me it has taken time to know. let it go its okay if the sol is dry its not going to die because it becomes a habit and every time I see a planter and I am like oh it needs water or it does not.

Note- They need less water, direct exposure of sun for around 3-4 hours and requires low temperature with in a range of 25-35oC.