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Care and Maintenance of Rose plant

Care of Rose Plants

Care of Rose

Care of Rose Plants : Before I move on to share any tips. I want to say something that I do not think so there is any other plant that is overrated as a rose plant in this world. I mean I love to have them on my balcony because they are great for attracting pollinators that help to pollinate my vegetables and fruit but other than that I feel my garden is incomplete without these plants. Anyways moving on to the blog – care of rose plants, there are a lot of varieties of rose plants available in the market but an important classification that you need to know is Indian rose which is also referred to as desi rose and the English Rose. English rose does not flower in the summer but if you care well for it in the summers, it shows great results in the winters during its flowering season. On the other hand, desi rose flowers around the year. So, the tips that I am going to share with you today are applicable to both of them.

How to care for your rose plant especially in summers

The health of a rose plant can be judged by the health of its leaves. So, the first important thing is to prune the dead leaves to get rid of the lower branches as well. As they tend growing fungus when they come in contact with the soil. It also helps you to understand the watering situation especially if they are being deprived of water. During the summers, water the plants frequently as the top layer starts getting dry. This could be as frequent as once a day and try to water early hours of the day. So that the plant can withstand the water stress when the sun rises. When you water your plants in the evening, the roots remain soaked in the water overnight as this might support fungal growth which is very common in rose plants.

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Do not water a plant from a height with pressure as this expose and harms the roots. Also, keep some space above the soil, this allows the water to stand and for absorption into the soil completely. This extra space will also be very helpful when you add compost to the plant. Do not stop fertilizing the plant in summers even if it is not flowering, this helps the leaves to grow well. I recommend you to apply homemade compost to your plants that release nutrients slowly. You can also add an inch of coco peat into your plant this will help to retain moisture for a longer time.


Now the most important fact is don’t completely deprive your rose plant of the Sun in summers. Place it in such a way that they will get less intensity of Sunlight. Noon Sun in summers can be harsh for any plant so you place your plant in a place that will get partial Evening Sun.

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Lastly, keep a close check on insects, fungus and diseases on the plant. I recommend you to spray neem oil on the plant once in a month or one and a half months it just helps to protect the plant from pests and diseases.

Care of Rose plant

How to get more flowers on rose plant?

Tip No 1 for care of rose plants –

Nutrition: The most important thing is nutrition. Try to add as much as possible of phosphorus to your plants. Organic waste like banana peels is a great source of phosphorus. So, when you have a lot of banana peels collected at home, put them in their flowering plants. Also, remember to cover these peels with soil, otherwise, it goes to attract rats that you do not want in their garden. You can also make Fermín banana, for this you have to add some water and banana peels in a container and let it be decomposing for about 10 days and then you will use that solution for application in your plants. You can also apply bone meal to your plants because it is a source of quick release of phosphorus in plants. If you remember your 10th standard biology, every plant needs three important nutrients i.e. nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen helps to get a lot of leaves on plants and phosphorus that promotes hormones which in turn results in having a lot of flowers on your plant. Potassium makes the plant’s disease and drought resistant

Care of Rose plants
Tip no 2

Tip No 2 for care of rose plants –

Deheading: For getting a bigger and lot of flowers, all you need to do is deheading i.e. to remove the dying flowers. For deheading you must remember that it should be done just the centimetre above the first set of five leaves. Once it is completely bloomed and petals have started to fall then it’s high time to be deheaded. The reason for removing the flower once it is completely bloomed is that you can conserve the energy that the plant is supposed to the production of seeds and divert that energy to bloom another flower

Note: Tips that I have shared are general thumb rules which apply to most of the flowering plants. Another thing that you should be taking care of try to buy desi and heirloom seeds because over years they have adapted to grow in our region.