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Care and maintenance of Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

We all know that greenery can alter extra beauty to our home interiors. There are comprehensive options for plants to choose from. Every plant has a distinct and convincing quality in itself to make the surroundings additionally sweeten.

Plants can make you smile, generate a positive environment, and make your dwellings look fascinating. There are several plants in the world to beautify our nature. Today in this blog, I will tell you about an astonishing plant named “monstera”.

The interesting part is that the monstera itself has different varieties. So, I will discuss one of the categories of a monstera plant that is Monstera deliciosa.

Are you excited to know about Monstera Deliciosa, then read the content given below?

Monstera is like a magnet that can easily grab attention towards itself through its appearance. Not just the looks, but its catchy name differentiate it from others. Monstera means monster, which refers to the big leaves and deliciosa means delicious, which refers to its fruit. If I talk about its appearance, it has dark green leaves with a hollow texture. Heart-shaped glossy leaves give this plant a stunning look.

Monstera Deliciosa plant

Monstera is an evergreen perennial. It is also known as the Swiss-cheese plant. It is a climbing, flowering plant that usually grows in a tropical rainforest or sultry shady areas. Leaves of the monstera reach up to 3 feet. It has aerial roots and 45 different varieties. It is commonly found as a houseplant but is not used as a fruit crop. Because the fruit of monstera does not grow commercially. The taste of the fruit is just like pineapple and banana. It is a pack of vitamin c.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Monstera Deliciosa

  1. Monstera is an amazingly beneficial plant, as it removes all the airborne toxic gases and moisture present in the air.
  2. Monstera’s leaves, fruits, and herbs are used for medicinal purposes. The fruit of the monstera plant contains nutrition, potassium, calcium, and zero fat. Moreover, the fruit of monstera is ready to eat when it is fully ripened.
  3. Monstera is a low-maintenance plan.

Maintenance of Monstera plant:

Always be sure about your plant maintenance. It’s our responsibility to give proper treatment to our plants for their long lives. So, let’s discuss a little about the maintenance of the monstera plant.

Light Requirement:

Monstera requires bright or we can say indirect sunlight. Especially in summers, direct light can burn the plant leaves. If your plant leaves turn yellow, it’s a major sign that your plant is not placed in the right place.


As it is a tropical plant, which means Monstera loves to be in a moist environment. Before watering your plant, be sure that the topsoil of the pot is dry. If the top 2 inches of the soil are dry, then it’s the perfect time to water your plant. Moreover, if the plant leaves will turn brown and the edges become crispy, then it means the plant is suffering from drought. On the other side, if the leaves of the plant turn yellow, it indicates overwatering has been done.

As you see, the plant itself depicts its needs, that’s the main reason monster is considered as the best plant for beginners.


Most indoor plants like to be at normal temperatures. Likewise, monstera is one of them.


The best growing seasons of monstera are spring and summer, you should fertilize your plant once a month. However, we should not add fertilizers in the plants in winter season.

Propagation of Monstera:

Summer is the best season for the propagation of monstera.Simply cut the nodes of the plant so, that it can acquire good growth.  Also, we can cut the nodes from any part from top, middle as well bottoms.

After cutting, the next step is to place that cut plant into a pot. Make sure, that the drainage hole should be present in the pot as it helps to clear excess water.  Then, place the pot in a light and warm area for the better growth of the plant.

As we all know, the watering process of plants is very important as it affects plant growth and its life. To water the plant effectively, dig your fingers into the soil, if you feel the soil is dry from the top half only then water your plant. Make sure, the leaves of the monstera plant don’t stay wet.

After that, the brand new monstera plant will get ready to grow.

Let’s move forward, and get to know more interesting things about this plant.
  1. A Monstera leaf is unable to generate any extra hollow texture in its leaves. All holes in the leaves are already present.
  2. Monstera has a symbolic meaning in many traditions, such as in the Chinese culture monstera act as an honoring one’s elder.
  3. This plant is used to express good gestures to people in various cultures.