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Banana – A healthy snack with high nutrition value.

Banana - A healthy snack

Banana A healthy snack

Indeed! adding colors to one’s diet can make one mentally and physically strong. Well, by colour I meant by the fruits. This statement is both for humans and plants. There are ample fruits in the market. But today I will talk about the most underestimated fruit- the Banana. Let me tell you some interesting facts about it.
Banana is a rich source of Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, and carbohydrates. It is easy to digest, and free from fat and cholesterol. I will say that every bite of a banana is packed with nutrition.
Who knows the secrets of bananas? When I got to know all the facts about it, I became a regular consumer of bananas. Less price, more value.

Let me tell you more about Banana.

Banana grows well in the tropic area. It blooms best in the temperature ranges from 15*C-35*C. If you want to plant it from a sucker, then April to July month is ideal for its plantation. Sucker is a baby plant with grows near the mother plant. Before planting it, do not forget to treat it with a fungicide.
And most importantly, it does not need much water. In winters watering should be done at the interval of 7-8 days, in summers it needs water at the interval of 4-5 days. It is a wonder plant.
It starts giving fruit 1 year after its plantation. April to September month is its fruiting time.

banana tree

Well, now you also know how easy it is to grow the banana plant. Wait! Still more to tell about it.
If you are fond of gardening, then this article will help you a lot. Whenever you eat a banana you must be throwing its peels in a dustbin. Do not do this because banana peels also have lots of nutrients and these are good fertilizers that provide great nutrition to the garden plants.

Banana peels can be used as a fertilizer in the following ways:

banana peels

Banana Peel off
1. Cut the peels and mix them in the compost. Put it in plants after a few days, your plants will get better.
2. Boil the peels in water and keep it & after two weeks, pour this water into the plants. By then these peels will be rotten.

3. Grind banana peels in a mixer and keep them in warm water. When it cools down, put it in trees and plants. It helps plants for better nutrition and growth.

4. Banana peel act as a pain reliever. Apply it directly to the painful area. Leave it for 30 minutes.
5. Drop some banana peel into the bucket, leave it for some days and spray it on your flowers and vegetables. That will help to enrich your plants with nutrients and grow organically.
6. Banana peels are also used for giving shine to the leaves.

You know the aphorism, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, well it’s true for bananas as well. It is highly beneficial for our health too. Banana is the world’s most consuming fruit. More than that, 100 billion bananas are eaten every year in the world. It considers the fourth most popular agricultural product.
You know what, per banana provides 10% of the daily fibre required for the day. Wow, isn’t it interesting? In addition, it has a good source of potassium which leads to a healthy heart. Add a slice of banana to your cereal to include nutrition in your diet.
Live a healthy life with a healthy diet.

Note: Banana is the first cultivated fruit in south Asia. There are approximately 1000 varieties of bananas. The most fascinating thing about banana is that- It is classified as a berry because it contains seeds inside. Not only this, it is also considered a herb as its stem is succulent, not woody.