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Plants that can help to prevent mosquitoes at home

Anti mosquito plants for home

Anti mosquito plants for home

Anti mosquito plants for home : Love plants but fear they will attract mosquitoes here is what you can do. All right about a mosquito problem the first and the foremost important thing is to identity what is attracting them. Check below Anti mosquito plants for home.

Reasons for attracting mosquitoes

There are two things in plants that attracts mosquito number one is nectar. Mosquitoes come mostly to all kinds of flowers to feed on the Jews aka the nectar but there are a couple of flowering plants that repel them.

Second reason that attracts mosquitoes is stagnant water which is common because of indoor plants. So now what do you do, the first thing you can do is to cover up that soil. Second and the easier way to follow is to choose plants that like dry soil like snake plants, succulents, money plant. Always empty those drainage plates. Do not unnecessarily water your plant. A lot of time this happens that we tend to over care for our plants. We overwater them so do not water your plant unnecessarily


The first and the foremost plant is marigold. This plant has a unique chemical substance on it called pirates room who is unique aroma shows away the mosquitoes this one also emits volatiles like thiophene.

Now if you are little confused, what is volatile what I am talking about volatile. Volatile are chemicals that can be emitted and they diffuse into the air so plants like marigold emit kayo faint which is volatile which discourages the growth of various kinds of mosquitoes for example in a Phyllis which is responsible for yellow fever and also a DS mosquito which is responsible for malaria so all that you have to do is place a couple of marigolds potted plants.  Marigold goes around the entry points like windows kids or balcony area added bonus as it is a great attractor for various kinds of pollinators which are great for your vegetable garden.

Anti mosquito plants marigold

Another plant which is great at repelling mosquitoes is tulsi or any kind of basil.

There is a chemical in beefing which is called as tarragon this one is also volatile. I’m pretty sure that you must have smelled it, is this substance which is responsible for the tulsi and any kind of basil that you might have smelled again a great mosquito repellent.


Now apart from these plants there are also a couple of plants which you rub on skin and the oil that comes out when you crush them is insect repellent and mosquito repellent for example mint.

The mint part of mint plant is also containing something that repels mosquitoes. So, if you crush a mint leaf and you rub it against your skin it is a natural mosquito repellent. All species of mint i.e. wild and cultivated contains aromatic properties that are repulsive.

Mint plant
Anti mosquito plants lemon grass
Lemon grass:

The next set of plants which is also a mosquito repellent because of its oil is lemongrass. In fact, any plants that has that lemony smell to it is a great mosquito repellent. Interestingly the first time I got to now about these brilliant properties of plants was not filled when I was doing my internship in PAU, Ludhiana.

Thanks to the scientists who helped me to navigate through the forest. They also introduced me to these great properties of plants.

Note: Apart from mosquitoes, what are those other insects that trouble you because of the plants I know for example mealy bugs are a huge problem.