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Air purifier plants – Garden Deco

Air Purifier Plants

Air Purifier Plants: Well Covid-19 situation has brought so much of awareness among the people for plants. Many of them started the gardening at home and other made the kitchen garden as well. Although Covid-19 was not good for people but Indeed! it proved good for the nature, or I can say Nature had spread the trap for healing itself from the pollution which we humans put in the environment.

The air in which we breathe contains 52% of oxygen and 48% of other gases. These gases could be accompanied with couple of harmful gases if we do not keep check on the air pollution. Air pollution is not just outside of the home, which is most probably reduced from before, it is inside the home as well which is produced by the kitchen waste, medicines, toilet waste and many others well.  So it is necessary to keep ourselves away from these harmful gases which could give the lung diseases. Here in this blog, I will discuss about the certain plants which can remove the harmful gases form the air and can keep our area pollution free.

Air purifier z plant
ZZ Plant: –

The shape of the plant makes it unique in itself. And the best part is; it is the least maintenance required plant of all. The only thing which is to be kept in mind is that it should not be over watered. We need to water a zz plant once in 10 days. Do not forget to keep it away from sun otherwise the leaves will burn up. ZZ plant removes the harmful gases such as Toluene and Xylene from the air. These gases are produced when the petroleum is burnt. These may lead to severe lung disease such as asthma. So it is very important to keep check on such gases. I recommend you to plant at least one plant of ZZ at home to keep air free from Toluene and Xylene. This is is not just an air purifier but also an ornamental plant which is desired for its shape and texture.

Rubber Plant: –

Another plant in Air purifier plants category is rubber plant. It comes in the two categories one in the burgundy color and another is variegated kind. All choice is yours, you can select any one of them. I must say that this plant is in love with water which means you need to cover the soil wet all the time. But it does not mean to keep it at its saturation stage which may lead to several fungal infections. Keep the moisture in such a way that soil should stick to figures when we touch it. The girth of the plant is not that strong, so we need to give it a support at the certain stage of its age. It is kept in medium to well-lit spaces. This plant is known for removing formaldehyde from the air. This air is another severe lung disease causing pollutant present in the air. It is a chemical found in crude oils, paints, detergents, Greece and that is why it is present in our furniture. The problem with formaldehyde is that it can cause short term problems like irritation to long term issues with immunity and blood related problems.

Rubber plant

Some Other Air Purifier Plants

Air Fiddle plant


Fiddle leaf fig: It has pretty broad leaves. This one is not only efficient in removing chemicals but also effectively reduces humidity as well. Permanent humidity may cause fungal problems so you can place this one in such rooms. Fungus or mold can also cause breathing issues. So, this plant can be of great help. For its care, keep it in a bright place and need not for direct sunlight. It likes humid and warm spaces. Keep it near a window, it will work better.

Areca palm: Areca palm is available in various sizes and does not need a lot of light. So, keep it away from direct sun. If your areca plant is turning yellow in color, there could be two reasons for this. The yellowing of the tips of the leaves is due to the excess or low amount of water present in the soil. Generally, the water recommendation to the areca plant is once in 3 days. If stems and leaves are yellow, then ensure that it is away from direct sun. Areca palm removes benzene and formaldehyde. This plant attains a good height. So, I recommend you to plant it in the veranda of your home. Not only it will clean your air but also it will give a wonderful look to it. Areca is super easy to grow and easy to maintain plant.

Air Areca Plant
Monstera Air Purifier plants

This one removes formaldehyde effectively. Always keep the soil moist and in summers you can water it once in 3 days. Also keep it in a well-lit place but away from direct sun otherwise it starts burning. You can also grow this one like money plant from a cutting.

Note: There are a lot of other great air purifier plants as well such as snake plant, spider plant and money plant etc.