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Gardendeco – Add Value to Your Flowers and Plants

Add Value to Your Flowers

Add value to your flower


Add Value to Your Flowers:  Flowers! What I think is God might be in a good mood when he created them. Indeed! Flower if one of the most beautiful creations of God as it takes away all the dullness from nature and add color to it. It is rightly said that when earth laughs, the flower blooms, and when the flower blooms it makes the whole world look better. Flowers have ample advantages it is not just known for their beauty but also for many other things as well. Today in this blog I will tell you how we can use these flowers to make different products out of them.


Flowers are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics such as soap, cream, nail paints and serums. The extract of the flowers is used in the cosmetics. For example:  rose water is prepared using the roses. The petals of the rose are boiled in the water to extract the nectar from it and then it is used for several purposes.

Add value to your flower with cosmetic

Aromatic sticks: – Flowers are used to make the aromatic sticks. Flowers adds the aroma in them and hence these are used as the room fresheners or at the holy places and these are also kept on the office tables to create the good ambience of the office.

Add Value to Your Flowers and Plants

Dried fllower
Dried flowers:

The flowers are highly perishable in nature their shelf life is very less. So, the solution for this problem is the drying process. When the flowers are dried their shelf life increases and hence can be kept for longer period of time. These dried flowers are used in the occasions for the decorative purposes as well. The dried from of flowers are also used in making the ornamental items such as vase, lamps, portraits. Not only this but they are also involved in the formation of incense sticks. The flowers such as marigold plays a very good role in this.


Flowers are also known for their capacity to provide nutrient to the plant. A very simple process is involved to prepare the fertilizer. You just need to collect the flowers; you can take from the temple or if you have your own garden you can pluck the dried flowers from it. You can either take the dry flowers or you can take the fresh ones as well. Put all these flowers in a terracotta pot. Terracotta pot is used because it has some pores in it which allows the easy circulation of air in it. If you want to use the plastic pot do not forget to make some holes in it. Add the flowers in the pot and pour a very little water in it to make the flowers properly wet down. After this add stale curd 4-5 spoons in one medium sized terracotta pot you can also use the cow dung in it. Now cover it with a lid. Check the progress every week and keep it in a shady place. After one month your fertilizer will be ready to use.

Add value to your flower fertilizer
value to flower with perfumery



Perfumery: – The most important role in the perfumery is played by the flowers. Flowers such as rose, lavender, jasmine, saffron are used in this. The scenting property of flowers makes it unique and suitable for the perfumery industry.

Note: – The occupation of the farmers who are into the flower cultivation has been reduced due to Covid-19 as there were no occasions like weddings and birthday celebrations where these flowers were used. But these flowers are not only used for the decoration such as bouquet making, cut flowering and for decorating the party halls, it has many other uses as well. Look at those opportunities. I have mentioned some in this blog.