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6 indoor plants that you can grow at your home

Indoor plants for home

Indoor plants for home: How wonderful it would be if you awake in the morning and you see so much of wonder greens around you. Not only they purify the air but they also add so much of beauty to the House.

Today in this blog, I will discuss with you some of the tall indoor plants which you can grow in your house.   

Simple Indoor plants for home


Alocasia: – This is the plant with broad leaves and long stem which fan out in a beautiful manner. This plant can attain height of up to 6-7 feet. It needs a good light.


This plant serves both as indoor as well as outdoor plant. Make sure that you do not keep it in the direct sunlight. The sunlight can cause the leaf to wilt.


In fact, for all the plants that you would see have broad leaves. They do not like direct sun. Just add water whenever the soil dries and repot when the roots come out of the base of pot.



Fiddle leaf fig: – Another plant with the broad leaves. They have waxy coating on them. They are somewhat harder than Alocasia. This plant is more resistant to dry soil. Good rule to follow is to not let the soil completely dry. If you see the soil cracking, it is not a sign for the plant health. Simple science law, bigger the surface area of the leaf; higher the rate of transpiration. So, in short, neither the water should be standing in the soil since it will kill your plant nor you should let the soil to completely dry.



It needs good light and bright corner of the house, so I recommend you to keep it next to the window. Make sure the direct sunlight should not fall on this plant.


There is a little problem with this plant.

Let me clear that, if you are staying in Northern India it completely dries in summer and sometimes in winters as well. This plant likes humidity, so if you stay in Maharashtra or any part of the Southern India, then this would be a good option for you. Leaves will be budding every week or every month. It is not a good option for dry places or otherwise you need to spray water regularly.

Second Indoor plants for home
Third Indoor Plants for home


China doll: – Plant that I predict, which is going to become the show stopper for the decor magazine this china doll. This plant is very easy to grow with less maintenance. Watering should be done properly as I mentioned above. The stems of this plant are very delicate so it needs stalking. Stalking is the process where the plant is given a support of a wooden stick or something else. If the plant stops growing cut it from the top. This will initiate side growth and within few weeks you will see new growth coming out.



It can also sustain in medium light areas of the home, so you can keep it in the inner corner of the house.



Bird of paradise: – This is another plant which is in trend nowadays. The another name of the plant is travelers palm. This plant is another option to keep either in the outdoor or indoor. It makes a very beautiful layer of leaves one above another just like that of the peacock feathers. And the specialty of this plant is it does not make canopy in the round shape. Infact it makes the canopy on the lateral axis.


Watering should be done only when the soil is dry and not before that. Keep the plant where a decent light enters in your home.

Bird Indoor plants for home
Areca Plants as house



Areca palm: – The stem of Areca palm looks more like that of bamboo palm, but the leaves of this plant varies from the bamboo palm. They are planted in a bunch and gives a very wonderful appearance. These plants are also another option for indoor as well as outdoor. These plants need a good sunlight.


Might not be the direct exposure of the sun. Water them accordingly as discussed earlier as well. Keep it in the bright corner of the home.

Philodendrons: – This is more like group of plants. Plants that have roots coming out of them from the nodes are known as philodendrons. So what you can actually do is to add a moss stick or a stick covered with some soft cloth in the planter so that the plant can climb with the help of this stick and there are lots of varieties of philodendrons. Surface area of the leaves of the different philodendrons varies from variety to variety.

Broader the leaves more will be the watering required.


You can keep the philodendrons in the low lights spaces as well.



If you see the leaves are not coming of the proper size or are very small than the actual size, then you can keep the plant in the outdoor and add some fertilizer into it. Within few weeks you will see the size of the plant is retained, then you can move the plant inside.

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When it comes to the indoor plants you have to move them around the house. It helps them to give their best and their better growth. But yes I am saying with my experience it is so much of fun growing the indoor plants. They will make you occupy all the time and you will feel connected to the greens. This is the most wonderful thing.

Note: – Whenever you buy the indoor plants for home, from nursery don’t be in hurry to repot it, because whenever you do so it undergoes the stress conditions. Repot only when the roots have no space in the pot and check it from the base of the plant. If you see the roots are coming out of the pot then only you have to shift the plant to the bigger one, otherwise don’t rush to repot it.