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3 most beautiful Flowers in the World

Beautiful Flowers in the World

Beautiful gardens in the world

Flowers are the most adorable, purest and precious gift by the God which helps us to express our feelings. God has given us a beautiful message through flowers that every person has its own value. No matter how much crowd is there, a flower shows it’s a rare personality amongst it. Gardening should be the most important aspect of our life. We all celebrate Earth day but we have forgotten the values and the ethics which earth taught us through nature. Instead of enjoying it we destroy it. Earth smiles when Flower blooms and when it blooms it spread love, charmer and colours. It brings a beautiful smile on our face. Flowers are the soul of our world. In today’s blog. I will tell you about the five most beautiful flowers in the world.


Every flower has a different unique property but we talk about flowers the first name came our mind is Rose. Roses are unique in itself as they are in many different colours and every colour has different meaning. Red indicates passion and love, Pink is for grace, yellow indicates friendship and joy and white specify purity. Although it has beautiful and soft petals, it also has sharp thorns. It teaches the lesson that one should smile even in the harsh time. Not only in the decoration, ornaments but Roses are also used for several other things such as flavouring, perfumery, medicine and cosmetic. our little initiatives to start our garden could lead to a great benefit towards our environment, our culture and our world. We all need to do is giving some care towards our nature and make the world better.

Lotus gardens in the world

Lotus is the most enchanting Flower. It teaches us how to grow bloom in the mud and glint in the world. It has a beautiful pattern of patels which floats above the water surface. India’s national flower is Lotus. It has the sacred value as it is considered as the favourite flower of Shri Krishna and Buddha. It is a symbol of purity and grace. So it come in a wide range of sizes varying in height from 8 inches to 60 inches. People also make the energy drink of the Lotus flower. It is also used for medical purpose.


Dahlia is one of the beautiful flowers in the world. It is also named as a little girl flower. It is the national flower of Mexico. Dahlia is accessible in wide range of colours and shape. It gives a gratifying appearance with its gaze. Dahlia is originally classified as a vegetable. It also has a historical appearance from the Victorian era. Dahlia is the symbol of commitment and love. So it acts for our inner strength, creativity and grace. In this world every single thing teaches us something. But it could be anything like this Dalia flower. It has a gorgeous symmetrical shape which teach us how we live our life with dignity after so many ups and down. 

Dahlia beautiful garden flower


Flowers are the one which always make people feel better. Flowers lead us how to shine even in the dark. They also teach us how to grow even in tumble. I think we are blessed to have such a beautiful thing in today’s era which existed a thousand years back. So, lets come up together and grow as many plants and flowers we can. Let’s save our nature and makes a world just beautiful.