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Garden Deco is one of the best online garden store in India that provides you a unique gardening range at affordable prices. This does not matter how big or small your balcony, terrace and garden is. Our beautiful and handcrafted products let you create a beautiful garden in any space. In addition, Garden Decor – Online Garden Store vast range allows you to decorate your garden in your own way. Similarly we sell gardening products online across India, Therefore you can get above all the Garden items Online and Garden Accessories Online at our Garden deco Store.

Garden Deco never compromises with quality. Because our products are strongly constructed and finished with a weatherproof coating that increases product life. Similarly Garden Decor products are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor. In addition we always do our best to bring a unique and beautiful gardening range. So order unique Products in Garden Deco Online India at Best Prices.

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Coir Hanging Baskets

Our Coir Hanging baskets and cone baskets offer versatility in the presentation of your favourite plants and flowers. Because it allows you to place it where you can enjoy it from your window and while you are working in your garden and balcony. However our hanging baskets and cone baskets are made with strong metal and finished with powder and plastic coating that so increases its quality and life.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Coir Hanging Baskets:

    • * Our Coir Liners made 100% natural and chemical free material.
    • * Coir liner used in these baskets is completely Bio-Degradable. Because when it reached at the end of their life, it turns into the compost pile and eventually returns to the garden as fertilizer. So plants grow easily in coir liners. After that, the roots reach the outer edge of the wall, because they stop growing out and continue to grow inside the liner.
    • * It also prevents your plants from transplant shock if you think to repot your plants in another container or pot then you can do this easily—but no need to remove coir liner from the plant.

Above all are the advantages of eco-friendly hanging baskets and coco pots.

Garden Decor Wall Troughs

Our designer hayracks or wall troughs, wall mounted trough planter and wall trough planter gives a classic touch to your garden. Because we have a collection of hayracks with coir coco liners and without coir liners. In other words you can directly grow your plants in hayracks that come with coir liners. So, you can also club multiple pots in these hayracks.

Plant Stands Online

If you are looking for hanging plant stand online and plant stand with wheels, Garden Deco is the best option. Because we offer the best quality plant stand online that allow moving your heavy pots very easily. So you need not worry about the quality of products that you purchase from Garden Deco. But you can also check  plant holders for instance – flower pot stand, garden pot stands, pot stand for balcony and plant trellises that can fit in your garden. 

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Hooks & Hangers

Whether you want to provide proper light to your plant or keep your plants away from your pets. We have a collection of sturdy hooks like Shepherd hook and hangers that you can use to hang your baskets and wind chimes etc. Because our hooks and hangers made from robust cast iron that doesn’t rust. So you can use these brackets for a wide variety of purposes.


Railing Planters

If you want to create a garden in your balcony and you can use our railing planters for your apartment balcony. Because Garden Deco provides you these planters in vibrant color, sizes and shapes. In conclusion these railing planters are suitable for flower, growing herbs, vegetables and many more.

Buy Coco Peats from online garden store

If you are looking to purchase the best quality soil for your plants, then you are at right place. Coco peats and Coco peat is also known as Coco pith, or coir dust have high water holding capacity. Because it is 100% organic. In addition Coco peat promotes healthy root growth, so it is the best potting soil alternative for your growing plants.

Coir Poles for Climbing Plants

Provide your plants like with the support that it needs. Garden deco also provide best quality Coir pole for climbing plants. Because coir Poles support faster growth in plants which has branch roots when growing vertically like Money Plant. Garden Deco’s Best Coco pole plant support is perfect for Money plant support. So these Coconut plant stakes help plants to grow properly.

Plant Supports

If you are looking for sturdy plant supports then you are in the right place. Stock up your gardening collection with our beautify handcrafted plant stand and plant supports. In addition of very lightweight and durable products. So, In conclusion it allows you to organize your garden beautifully.

Buy Coco Pots from online garden store

Looking to purchase coco pots online then you are in the correct place. Our coco pots made with chemical-free process. However Round Coco pots are made with coco fibre blended with natural rubber. In other words it is 100% biodegradable. Therefore it preserves roots from breaking and make tiny roots throughout the wall. Because it has a high water-holding capacity, and it retains nutrients for a longer time. So it prevents your plant from transplant shock.

Pots and Planters

You can order pots and planter holder online at Garden Deco – online garden store. If you are looking for sturdy decorative pots and planter, then you are in the right place. Because we have so beautiful collection of pot and planter or railing planters, hanging planters and bucket planters for your garden. Above all our decorative pot and planters will add more grace to your garden. Apart from the above all, Similarly we have huge gardening products online. So please visit our online garden Store to explore our complete gardening range of pot and planters.

How can I create a beautiful balcony garden in less space?

In modern time, garden space is shrinking day by day. To make it more simple, we have designed a wide variety of products to increase your garden space. Gardendeco provides hanging wall stand that you can install in your balcony wall. So we also vertical jute bags in which you can grow plants and flowers directly. In other words you can install railing planter in your balcony. Similarly we also provide wall troughs that you can fix in your balcony wall. Therefore Place an order and increase the area of your garden.

How can I make my outdoor garden unique and decorative?

We will suggest you to use coir fountain basket to make your garden unique and decorative. You can purchase 2 tier or 3 tier coir fountain from garden deco and grow blooming flower in it. In other words you can also use urn planter. Because these unique items will make your garden decorative and also catch the attention of visitors. In conclusion all this can be done with only mouse click..

What kind of pots should I use in a terrace garden?

Garden Deco offers wide varieties of hanging pots, metal pots, coir hanging pots and plastic hanging pots or decorative coir fountains and urns at affordable prices. In conclusion you can choose any kind of pot depending on your demand and needs to create a beautiful terrace garden.

What are the best products that I can buy from online store?

To convert a balcony into a beautiful home garden, you can use the wall space using a hanging plant stand, the grill area using railing planters and a part of the floor area. So you can add plants and some wall décor to add vibrance. In addition, you can expand your garden space. Buy railing planters online india from gardendeco.

Shop a Wide Range of Garden Decor Accessories at the Online Garden Store

You can shop wide varieties of garden accessories at online garden store India like Hanging baskets brackets, extension hooks and s hooks from our Online garden store. Above all accessories are very durable as they constructed with strong metal. Because finishing of all these items has been done with a weatherproof coating that increases product life. So if you want to lift your planters to protect it from your pets, these garden accessories give you a variety to choose the best garden accessory as per requirement. But if your roof is very high, So you can use extension hooks to hang your baskets and birdbaths or bird nest. Because above all accessories will let you keep your planter up from your pets and give you ease to water your plants.

You can also purchase For instance – Gothic hanging basket and wrought iron hanging baskets from our online garden store to hang with these accessories.



Garden Deco – Online Garden Store has a unique product range and also one-stop online store for all your gardening needs. We supply quality material at affordable prices.

We usually ship orders on the same or next day. Garden Deco aim to deliver your purchases at the easy and earliest. You can always call us at 9216569600 for the details or email us at [email protected].

You can send an email to us at [email protected] and drop a WhatsApp message to us. If your order yet not shipped, then your order is eligible for cancellation. Unfortunately, 4% transaction fee of a payment gateway cannot be avoided. So you can secure your full amount and get a coupon from us that you can use any time for purchase.

No, cash on delivery service yet not available. We accept only prepaid orders.

Water your plants regularly. After that sprinkle that much amount only that is required for the growth of your plant. But don’t overwater your plants.

To create a  vertical garden in your terrace garden and in your balcony, you make sure that your gardening area must receive the required sunlight. After that water your plants regularly. In conclusion you can try Online garden store – hayracks, railing plant stand and baskets to create a vertical garden.